What Really is Moon Rock Weed and How do You take it?

moon rock weed

The use of beautiful bongs and recipes for pot brownies has given way to a more artisanal approach to getting high as cannabis culture has progressed. Budtenders at dispensaries have become like smoking sommeliers and edible specialists. Given this information, moon rock marijuana might very well be the cannabis equivalent of caviar. Moon rock weed.

Moon rockweed, commonly referred to as moon rocks, is a technological advancement
in the marijuana industry that provides users with a more powerful high, a pleasant novelty, and the opportunity to pack as much THC as possible into their smoking session.

What are Moon Rock Weed/Moonrocks?

The best way to explain moon rocks is as the Turducken of the marijuana world. Don’t forget about the Turducken, which consists of a chicken,
a duck, and a turkey all packed inside of another bird. A marijuana flower with a high THC content that has been dipped in hash oil or concentrate and then coated in kief is called a moon rock.

How and what is used in making Moon Rock Weed/Moonrocks?

The convenience of being able to get a large quantity of THC from a single source is one of the selling points of moonrocks. It’s kind of like a sundae,
except with cannabis instead of ice cream, and it combines three of your favorite things into one tasty snack.

If you’re curious about making your own, let’s get into the details!

How to Make Moon Rock Weed: Ingredients

A few words on the ingredients of moon rocks:

  • To begin, you need a flower with a high THC content, which may be any cannabis bud or nugget that has a high THC concentration. This has about 20 and 30 percent THC.
  • The second component is something that will function as a binder in the final product. Again, cannabis concentrate and/or hash oil are used so that the kief and trichomes may be powdered on top of them. Concentrates and kief may often contain between 50 and 70 percent THC.

What is a Cannabis Concentrate?

An extraction made from cannabis that contains a significant quantity of THC
in addition to other cannabinoids is known as a cannabis concentrate. Cannabinoids and terpenes may be grown together in a single compound via the use of a number of different techniques.
Concentrates may have a variety of textures, including ones that are similar to thick saucy textures, waxy textures, or even saucy textures. Hash oil is another kind of concentrate, although it is an oleoresin rather than a solid.
When an individual is searching for the maximum possible. The THC content in their edibles or vape cartridges, they should utilize concentrates instead. They are often smoked using a method that is known as dabbing.

Is a Concentrate the Same Thing as a Dab?

Dabs are one common way to consume concentrates,
which are made up of all of the extracted cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis that
have been concentrated. There is a wide variety of concentrates available, but only a select few can be vaporized with dabbing equipment.
The process of smoking concentrates is referred to as “dabbing.” To dab, you put a little amount of concentrate into a pipe or dabbing rig and then smoke it for a more potent high. You can dab with a concentrate, however not every concentration is the same as a dab or can be utilized for dabbing.
moon rock weed
moon rock weed


What is Kief?

Kief is the dust that has the consistency of pollen that collects at the bottom of most grinders. The precious crystals that grow on cannabis flowers are called trichomes, and grinders are designed with sections to collect these
trichomes. These crystals, along with fine particles of cannabis, have the potential to collect in this portion of your grinder at any point throughout the grinding process.
The trichomes have the greatest concentration of cannabinoids of any other part of the plant. Because of this, they are valued. Hashish is extremely strong because of the high quantities of THC found in kief, which is one of the essential components of hashish.

How to Make Moon Rocks: Step-by-Step Guide

You can build your own moon rocks at home, which is a fun project that you can do if you’re searching for
something to do or if you’re wanting to save some money on these expensive things. Simply choose the cannabis flower, concentrate, hash oil, and kief of your choice, along with your preferred strain of the plant.

    1. Select a nugget of flowers.  Make an effort to choose one that has a capacity that is sufficient to hold all of the components of the recipe. Moon rocks are broken up into tiny bits,
      so choosing a moon rock nugget that is quite big might assist guarantee that it is equally covered. In addition to this, it will guarantee that your moon rock may be used for several sessions of smoking.
    2. Use an eye dropper or brush to apply the concentrate to your flower. For waxier or thicker, more resinous concentrates, you may want to use a butter knife or popsicle stick. Smear it evenly so that you’ll be able to coat the nugget entirely.
    3. Pour your kief into a container. You will want to place your kief in a container that is large enough to allow you to roll your flower around in order to ensure that it is coated on all sides. Because kief is so light, you should avoid working on flat surfaces if you can, as this will lead to more mess. With just one cough, you can blow it all away.
    4. Roll your flower in the kief. Like breading chicken, you’ll want to be sure to get it fully covered on all sides.
    5. Allow drying. 
    6. Smoke responsibly. 

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

When it comes to moon rocks, a little bit may go a very long way. They have a THC level that is very high.
Because of their consistency, they often have difficulties remaining lit on their own. Because of this, you need to utilize a bong or a pipe in order to maintain complete control over the flame. You may also use a vaporizer.
The consistency also makes grinding difficult to achieve. You may use either scissors or a knife to chop out a little portion of the larger piece.

The Moon Rock Weed Experience: Smoking It for the Best Effects

To begin, load the pipe, bong, or whatever smoking instrument you want to use with ground flowers. After that, you’ll want to put a teeny-tiny piece of moon rock on top of everything. If you put the piece of moon rock on top of a lighted flower, the moon rock will burn more evenly, and you will be able to smoke it more efficiently.
In a joint, you could theoretically utilize a moon rock if you really wanted to. On the other hand, many of the pre-rolls that are now available on the market are rolled, then dipped in resin, concentrates, or hash oil, and lastly coated with kief. They would provide roughly the same experience, although in a manner that is better able to maintain its brightness.

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Is Moon Rock Weed Dangerous?

  • You should begin using any drug, including food and drink, slowly and carefully monitor how it affects your body and mind. Moon rocks contain around fifty percent THC, which is almost twice as much as the type strain. If you produce your own moon rocks, there is a possibility that they will contain a larger proportion.
    As we’ve said, a little bit can go a long way. Moon rocks, on the other hand, have the ability to produce a high that may linger till the following day, which means that even seasoned smokers will want to take things cautiously at first.
    Because smoking marijuana might pose health risks, patients who use the drug for medicinal purposes
    may benefit from using moon rocks as an alternative to smoking their medicine. Additionally, the high quantities of THC and other cannabinoids might guarantee that you get a greater quantity of THC all at once.
    If you are in need of medical treatment, you may not want to smoke as often
    as you otherwise would; however, the high quantities of THC can guarantee that you obtain the majority of your medication even if you smoke less.
    Because of the high concentration of THC, there is a possibility that you may experience an overdose. Even while an overdose of cannabis may not be lethal as it is with other drugs. There are still risks associated with using too much of it.
  • dry, red eyes
  • cough or other respiratory issues
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • excessive hunger
  • increased heart rate
  • paranoia
  • sleepiness
  • headaches
  • impaired memory

Pacing yourself ensures you don’t risk having an intense high that leads to panic attacks or hallucinations.

Can You Eat Moon Rocks?

You will need to assure decarboxylation, the scientific process that converts. THC-A to THC, in order to extract the maximum amount of THC from the flower and the kief.
Moon rock cannabis has a variety of components, each of which has the capacity to heat up at a different temperature. This raises the risk of the weed catching fire or taking on a very unpleasant flavor. Not to mention the fact that there is no way to predict how this one-of-a-kind combination will taste in your meal.
Because moon rocks are composed of a variety of components, it is recommended that they not be combined when used in foodstuffs. Rather, each component should be utilized on its own.

Is Moon Rock Weed The Strongest Weed Strain?

Moon rocks, often known as moon rock marijuana, are not technically considered to be a strain. Having said that, it is one of the most potent products available . meaning that it has the maximum amount of THC. Due to the fact that it is a combination of three different sources of THC, namely high-THC cannabis, concentrate, and kief or trichomes, it contains a substantial quantity of THC overall.

Are Moon Rocks (Weed) Legal?

Moon rocks, often known as marijuana, do not violate any laws and may be purchased at most dispensaries.
Caution is advised since this unique cannabis product is often jokingly referred to as “moon rock.” On the other hand, it is also the street term for a crystalline version of
methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA), which is more often referred to as molly.
Moon rocks are a kind of molly that is categorically prohibited to possess. At parties, it often contributes to convoluted talk, which may be awkward for everyone. Specify that you are talking about cannabis to avoid any confusion.

Who Invented Moon Rocks?

Along with fellow rapper Dr. Zodiak, legendary hip-hop artist Kurupt is attributed in the annals of cannabis history with the invention of moon rocks. He also formed a partnership with the
cannabis business 1933 Industries to develop a version of moon rocks that were suitable for mass distribution.
According to Kurupt, musician, and lifelong cannabis fan Snoop Dogg has been quoted as saying that moon rocks are “very potent.” Snoop has even smoked with his regular partner Martha Stewart, who is the poster kid for cannabis usage. He should know since he is the poster child for cannabis use. One up bar

Buy Moon Rocks at Your Local MMJ Dispensary!

Moon rocks, also known as moon rocks (weed), or just moon rocks, are a well-liked novelty in the cannabis market. This combination of some of the three stronger sources of THC—flower, concentrate/hash oil, and kief—is a technique to deliver you the greatest high possible. Flower, concentrate/hash oil, and kief all come from the cannabis plant.
Give us a call right away if medical marijuana is legal in your state and if
you fulfill any of the requirements to be eligible to use it if you do. There are several MMJ clinics that sell genuine moon rocks, and if you have a medical marijuana card, you are able to buy them lawfully.


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