How to Eliminate the Marijuana Smell (A User’s Guide)

how to get rid of weed smell

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Weed Smell from Your Car

A cannabis aficionado may find that the aroma of a certain strain makes their mouth swim. Tobacco smoke is pleasant in small doses, but it’s not so appealing when it lingers in the air and sticks to your clothes or the upholstery of your automobile. Find out how to minimize the negative effects of cannabis scents so you may enjoy your favorite strains in peace. In order to eliminate the odor of marijuana, use the methods recommended by Cannabolish. How to get rid of weed smell
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The Science Behind Marijuana Odor

Like its many varieties, cannabis has a wide range of aromas. Chemicals in cannabis plants called terpenes give each strain its own taste and aroma character, both before and after burning. These terpenes range in intensity from the sharp, piney notes of Pinene to the sweet, flowery scents of Linalool.
Smoking or vaping marijuana increases the complexity of its aroma. Due to its pervasive nature, ability to cling to hard surfaces, and permeation into textiles, smoke is notoriously difficult to eradicate from a space.
Multiple compounds, including poisonous and odorous ones like benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde, are created during the burning of the marijuana plant and are found in the following smoke. This blend extends the smoking experience far after it has ended.

Get Rid of Weed Smell in the Air

Marijuana smoke or vapor leaves a strong stench that may be difficult to remove from carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, and the air. You may eliminate any lingering stench of marijuana from the air by giving the area a complete, deep cleaning or by using an instant odor eliminator if the space you use to smoke has a tendency to cling to the scents of your favorite strains.


Cannabolish Stench Removing Sprays may be sprayed over the area where you’re smoking and elsewhere in the room to get rid of the lingering odor of marijuana.
Natural odors need a similarly natural method of elimination. Researching the sources of smoke scents informed the development of can abolish candles and sprays (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde). The unpleasant odors caused by these chemicals inspired the creation of a special combination of natural oils. How to get rid of weed smell
You may safely enjoy the most aromatic marijuana strain with Cannabolish since it contains none of the harmful chemicals or masking fragrances found in other products of its kind. Light a clean-burning Cannabolish candle in the area a few minutes before use to eliminate lingering smoke aromas. Hold the flame for the duration of your smoke break and for an additional minute or two. A more thorough cleaning may be required for lingering scents.


If you can spare the time, a thorough cleaning of the afflicted region or the whole room is the best approach to get rid of the marijuana odor. When combined with Cannabolish, common household cleanings ingredients like baking soda and vinegar create a potent, but safe, deep cleaning solution. shrooms
As a first step, try opening the windows to let in some fresh air. To deodorize the area, scatter bowls of diluted vinegar about the space. To get rid of any lingering smoke smell after the vinegar has set for a bit, sprinkle some Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray into the air. It’s important to spread the product around, but you should pay special care to carpeted and seated areas. Eliminating scents from fabrics has a trickle-down effect, making a whole area seem new again.

Get Rid of Weed Smell on Fabric & Surfaces

When cannabis odors from smoking, baking, or vaping permeate upholstery, carpets, and other porous surfaces, they may be difficult to eradicate. That’s because it’s far simpler for odor molecules to congregate in fabric fibers and on surfaces than it is for them to do so in the air. You may use these strategies to get rid of the weed odor in your upholstered furniture, carpets, and drapes.


Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray may be sprayed directly over furniture, floors, and fabrics to eliminate any lingering cannabis aromas.
Both the Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray and the Cannabolish Odor Removing Candles work by forming a chemical link with odor molecules in the environment. Its secret ingredient mix of natural oils is formulated to eliminate the odor at its source. The end result is the most efficient method for eliminating the lingering odor of marijuana use from any indoor space, including your home, apartment, and vehicle.
*Only use with materials that can withstand becoming wet.

*Use only on water-safe fabrics.


To eliminate the lingering smell of marijuana from sofas and carpets, sprinkle baking soda generously. After that, give it a good vacuuming to get rid of any remaining dust or dirt. You should do the same thing with your pillows, cushions, and other upholstered items (like car seats).
Laundering is the best way to get rid of the odor of marijuana from bedding, clothes, and other items. To finish the job, spray some Cannabolish over your clothes and shoes to get rid of any residual scents.
We utilize all-natural components in our Cannabolish products because we think they are the most effective approach to eliminating the marijuana odor. That’s why instead of using toxic chemicals, like those found in other sprays and candles, the plant oils in our products link to volatile molecules and neutralize odor.

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