How to clean a bong

How to clean a bong

How to Clean A Bong in 11 Simple Steps

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Would you consume a tepid cup of tomato soup that has been left out for an excessive amount of time or a day-old, curdling milkshake? If you can imagine how disgusting that would be, your response is probably not. No matter how much you want to experience that virtually instant high, you shouldn’t want to take a puff from a dirty cannabis bong.

For a variety of reasons, spending a few minutes or more carefully cleaning your bong is desirable. If you clean your bong frequently, you won’t have to worry about what germs are developing in all those difficult-to-clean bong crevices, which not only makes the marijuana taste more pure and tasty. Consider this: If you were to depart from the

ponding water into your bong of marijuana You run the risk of all kinds of germs and mold development emerging following a smoking session. Nobody wants to inhale any dangerous compounds or fungi when they smoke a bong.
How frequently you use your water pipe will determine how often you need to clean it. Have you ever cleaned your bong during its usage, let’s be real. You might not want to answer the question honestly in public.
So, you might be wondering, what is the ideal approach to cleaning your bong? We’ve outlined a straightforward, 11-step procedure for cleaning a bong.



You’ll need to acquire the required supplies to clean your bong, just as with any other type of cleaning. With the stuff you might already have laying around the house, we offer a few simple cleaning solutions.
Choose the bong cleaners you prefer:
  • Rubbing alcohol that is 90% alcohol or greater, with coarse salt or Epsom salts
  • Vinegar with baking soda or rice
  • Lemon juice with coarse salt or rice
  • Bong cleaners like Formula420 or Piece Water – If you are a regular stoner, you may have a specific cleaner for bongs just lying around.

You’ll also want certain tools for cleaning cannabis bongs:

  • Plastic bags that can be sealed or some sort of plastic container with a lid
  • Barbed pipe cleaners, q-tips, or a bottle brush
  • Rubber bong plugs or cotton balls
  • Clean water (some avid stoners swear by using filtered water)
  • Sink, tub, basin, or large container
  • Latex or dish gloves



As soon as you’ve acquired your cleaning supplies for marijuana bongs, evaluate the level of resin accumulation within your bong. After that, do these 11 methods to clean your sticky bong and restore its luster.

Step 1: Pour out the tainted bong water from your last weed smoke session. 

To prevent microorganisms from the sitting bong water from getting on your skin, put on rubber or dish gloves. The gloves will also prevent your hands from being too dry from all the cleaning. Do not clean the bong with this used, contaminated water. Depending on how long it has been lying there, this used water may have a coating of film on it. Most likely, it serves as a breeding habitat for various microorganisms. Users of marijuana advise disposing of spent bong water in the toilet as opposed to the sink to prevent the spread of germs.

Step 2: Disassemble the bong pieces carefully. 

Take caution not to shatter the cannabis bong when you disassemble it. Be extra careful if you have a glass bong because some bongs are constructed of glass.

Step 3: Place the bong mouthpiece, bowl, and pipe in separate containers or plastic-sealed bags. 

Make sure each piece has its own container, so there is less chance of anything breaking.

Step 4: Add the cleaning solution of your choice to each of the separate containers or bags. 

Each plastic bag or container should include a few teaspoons of the abrasive, such as coarse salt, rice, or baking soda. Fill each container and bag with the basic cleaning solution—rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or lemon juice—so that the bong components are buried in the mixture.

Step 5: Add the cleaning solution to the base of the bong

Apply the same procedure as before to the bong’s primary component. Pour the abrasive cleaning agent into the container, and then fill it with your preferred solution. You can soak it in a sink, basin, big container, or tub, but it won’t fit in a sealed bag or container.

Step 6: Shake each bag or container and the bong separately for at least five minutes. 

to guarantee that the cleaning agent doesn’t leak. Ensure that the closures on any plastic bags or containers are tight. Before shaking violently to remove any debris, fill any holes in the bong’s stem with your hands, bong rubber plugs, or cotton balls. Play your favorite song, imagine yourself to be a chic bartender, and start shaking.

Step 7: Rinse with warm water, and assess the bong and all bong parts for residue that has clung to the pieces. 

The cleaning procedure may be sufficient at this point to get rid of the water stains and any resin accumulation on the bong. You can move forward to step 10 if you are happy with how clean your marijuana bong is. Follow step 8 if you want a more thorough cleanup.

Step 8: If necessary, repeat steps 4 to 6. 

Otherwise, a spot cleaning can be done with a spiky pipe cleaner, bottle brush, or q-tip to get in all of the bong’s tiny crevices.

Step 9: Clean the bong with warm water.

Give your marijuana bong one last good rinse, and you should have gotten all the stains and residue clean, preventing mold growth.

Step 10: Air dry or towel dry the bong for quick use. 

Let your bong air dry if you won’t be lighting it up straight away to ensure that all the water has dried. After cleaning, if you want to use the bong right away, make sure you towel dry everything well to prevent mold growth. Shrooms


Step 11: Enjoy a marijuana bong session by yourself or with your fellow stoners.

Enjoy a soothing high and all the lovely terpenes that were hidden by your unclean bong now that it is clean.

We advise you to clean your bong periodically to prevent needing to entirely replace it or, worse, having to do a much more time-consuming deep cleaning. Cleaning your bong more frequently will reduce the need for spot cleaning and provide you peace of mind that mold won’t develop. You don’t need an offensive bong that makes your house seem bad. You may smoke marijuana with confidence knowing that your bong is clean and ready to use whenever the mood strikes by using these 11 simple cleaning methods.


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