Buy Weed Online Legally in 2023

can you buy weed online

How to Buy Weed Online Legally in 2023

You want to purchase marijuana but are unsure of how to do it. Want to finally step out and purchase unique strains on your own yet fed up with acquiring basic marijuana from your friends? Hail Mary Jane will take care of you. You need to be cautious until marijuana is widely accepted as legal, so understanding how to request a bud is essential. If you adhere to these new marijuana buyer guidelines, you should avoid police attention and, more importantly, maintain excellent relations with your pot supplier. One of the most common inquiries from stoners is where to get a pot, which might be simple to answer if you reside in California or difficult If you reside in a restrictive state, it is nearly difficult. can you buy weed online, buying bud, mail order marijauna

Given that this article is about where to acquire marijuana, we should warn you that giving away your email in the comments or asking for marijuana in specific places might land you in serious trouble or get you high. We don’t want to see any Greenies go into trouble, so be careful.

How To Ask For Weed? can you buy weed online

There’s a good chance that you know someone who knows someone who has easy access to marijuana or, at the very least, a reliable marijuana dealer. Ask your friends if they may introduce you to the dealer so that they will know you can be trusted—friends are friends for a reason. If a dealer is being paranoid and only accept orders from individuals they know, respect that and look for someone else.
Don’t be too upfront when you phone, such as “Can I get some pot please?” That’s a bad approach. So how do you correctly order marijuana? You may say something like, “Hey, I received your number from (insert the name of your friend here),” for example. They probably are familiar with their clientele and understand their needs so that you won’t have to explain anything to them, purchase.

How To Ask For Weed Over Text?

In order to have that additional bit of peace of mind in 2020 and the future, it is advisable to choose a messaging service that is end-to-end encrypted. There are several of them, but the more well-known ones are preferable since your dealer is more likely to have them. Find the popular ones using your preferred search engine, download them, and start messaging right away.
Again, avoid being very direct if you must communicate by text, and don’t utilize an anonymous messaging service. So, how can you subtly request a week through text? The perennially popular texts “hello, are you free later to meet,” “hi, all well with you,” etc. enquire whether your dealer has what you’re seeking for.

Our Guide On How To Get Weed

In this section of our in-depth guide on how to buy marijuana, we’ll provide you with the most important advice for ordering marijuana legally and avoiding scams:

  1. Know the slang for weight. When your dealer asks how much you want, you want to be able to tell him and know what you are talking about: what a dub of weed is, what is an 8th of weed, etc. Examples… Eighth = 3.5 grams, Half = 14 grams, O = 28 grams (1 ounce), Nicks, Dimes, Dubs, Quo’s.
  2. Be as discrete as you can when contacting your dealer via phone or text. Don’t text someone inquiring about marijuana weight and costs or ask a stupid question like “Do you have any weed?” or “How much does a bag of cannabis cost?” Because some dealers are so wary, you can get cut off.
  3. If you plan on buying weed in large quantities, invest on a scale. You don’t want to get screwed on quantities and not all dealers are trustworthy. The more discreet the better.
    Green Edit: I’ve had the iPhone scale it is horrible. Not worth the price. I suggest a normal scale that’s around $20 works fine.
can you buy weed online
can you buy weed online

4. Often, marijuana sellers may offer you a wonderful discount when you initially approach them, but over time, you could notice that your bags start to grow lighter and lighter. If this occurs, ask the dealer to weigh the bag or tell you how much is in it (if you can).

5. You must be patient whether you are meeting your dealer in person or they are delivering your marijuana; these are not pot delivery applications. Although it’s annoying, many merchants are on “stoner time” and will take some time to arrive. Even if they also have lives, you sometimes simply have to put up with it.

6. Here are some examples of the proper way to ask your dealer for weed via phone/text: “What up? got any?” “hey man, you good?” or “Can I meet up with you.”

7.  Pick a safe location to hide your marijuana while bringing it home. In your vehicle or on your person. The authorities will inspect that little pocket of your jeans first, so stash your marijuana someplace else. Boxes for secret stashes are helpful. Now on the market are Arizona Iced Tea, Monster Energy, household items, pantry necessities, and storage cans that mimic soda cans.

8. If you are a female, being a little flirty can have its perks. Guys are suckers for cute girls and when it comes down to it, he will give you the bigger bag than he will give me if he even thinks there’s a chance with you.

9. Master the pass-and-go handshake. If you are dealing with guys in the street or in public, oftentimes they will pass you the weed and expect you to pass the money simultaneously. It’s not that hard, just practice with a friend if you need to.

10. Have precise change while making modest purchases! If they don’t have to, nobody wants to go to the extra effort of giving you change for the dime you just bought.

11. Look comfortable. If you look nervous, it will make your dealer nervous. Just act casual like you do this every day (which you probably will soon).

12. If you can, go immediately to the dealer and pick up your bag. You won’t have any help from friends, coworkers, girlfriends, or anybody else to acquire it for you. Unfortunately, this does happen, therefore you must be careful. Nobody loves buddies who pinch your purse.

13. Offer to sometimes light up your dealer if the situation calls for it. They undoubtedly share your enthusiasm for exotic marijuana, and this will help you establish a connection with them that might lead to greater bargains in the future.

14. Verify the type of marijuana you are purchasing by asking your dealer. Observe it and give it a sniff. In this manner, you will be able to tell if you are purchasing dank marijuana or only trinkets. There shouldn’t be any surprises waiting for you at home. Learn more about your marijuana by utilizing Leafly.

15. Recognize supply and demand, and keep an eye on the marketplace. Cannabis is a commodity like any other. The cost is always fluctuating. The pricing might not be the same today only when you purchased a gram for $20 three months ago. Know what you are buying and be informed.

How To Buy Weed: Weed Prices and Weights

The price of marijuana fluctuates constantly and depends on your state’s regulations (stricter rules result in more expensive marijuana, which is doubly true for legal dispensaries), the strain (better marijuana costs more money), and maybe your dealer’s attitude (this is where being friendly is a big plus). A gram of high-quality marijuana may cost anywhere from ten and thirty-five dollars if you’re purchasing it from a dispensary. There must be a drawback to being able to just go into a store and purchase your marijuana, and there is no getting past the fact that this drawback takes the shape of taxation. mail order marijuana
If you are purchasing marijuana on the street (not literally, mind you; this is 2020), Prices range from $20 for gram to $400 for a quarter-pound (over 100 grams! ), depending on the seller (there are dealers that deliver). Economically speaking, the price per gram decreases as you purchase more. The only drawback is that it is difficult to estimate a bag’s weight by eye, and since various strains are heavier or lighter than others, a bag may appear smaller or bigger than it actually is.

What Does an 8th of Weed Look Like?

can you buy weed online
can you buy weed online

An eighth of marijuana weighs 3.5 grams or an eighth of an ounce. As was already mentioned, it might be challenging to estimate the weight of your marijuana simply by looking at it. Its look might vary according to the strain type, how it is clipped, and how dry it is. One bud can be the entire eighth if the buds are thick and around thumb size. Five to seven thumbnail-sized nugs may be present if they are fluffy, but it actually varies.

How Much Weed is in a Dub?

Dub is slang for a $20 bag of marijuana; it typically contains approximately a gram, though sometimes more if the marijuana isn’t that excellent or if the dealer really loves you. However, a word of caution: the per-gram price decreases as you purchase more, so you might want to pay a little more and obtain more products.

How Much Does a Dime of Weed Cost?

Since it’s implied by the name, a dime (short for dime bag) of marijuana costs 10 dollars. These days, the majority of dealers won’t pick up the phone for ten dollars, so once more, it could be preferable to pay a little more and buy in bulk at lower costs.

How to Scale Weed without Using a Scale? can you buy weed online

how to scale weed without using a scale

Invest in a scale that can measure precisely to the nearest gram, even to the nearest.01. They are frequently around $20 and are marketed as pocket scales for jewelry or the kitchen. They are a wise investment if you want to determine whether you should maintain doing business with a particular vendor. If you really don’t want to carry a scale, try measuring with your hands instead. According to legend, a penny weighs 2.5 grams. Shroom bars

Our Favorite Way to Smoke Weed

You might want to take a look at Session Goods’ newest bong if you’re in the market for a new one. With a tapered shape and an angled mouthpiece that makes it comfortable to use and grip, this designer bong is a work of art in and of itself.
The attention to detail is one thing that distinguishes this bong from others on the market. The silicone footer shields the glass from harm and conceals any unsightly water, while the molded depression on the base offers an ergonomic grip and tucks away the bowl and downstream. A suggested water line is also included in the footer so you can always get the ideal strike. Can you buy weed online

The bong itself is composed of premium borosilicate that is 4mm thick. buying bud

glass to make sure it is strong and resistant to the heat of such heavy impacts. Additionally, Session Goods offers two alternate bowls and an additional downstream with every purchase so that you are protected in case your bong is damaged.

Overall, any smoker would be wise to invest in the Session Goods designer bong. It is fashionable, well-made, and long-lasting. It’s also a terrific value for the money thanks to the attention to detail and added goodies. Give this bong a try if you’re looking for a new one; you won’t be sorry.
can you buy weed online
can you buy weed online

How to Score Weed?

Basically, get to know a reliable vendor who isn’t just out to get your money and make sure you understand the items you are purchasing. This article is a fantastic introduction, however, it might be challenging to determine whether you’re getting decent marijuana or not. Experience is the finest teacher; that is how you will learn. Enjoy your reward now by going forth!


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