EVOD Twist vape pen



The EVOD Twist 3 is an amazing vape pen battery ideal for eGo or 510-string cartridges and atomizers. The EVOD Twist 3 has a smooth plan with the tempered steel finish and the checkmate design on the body. The EVOD Twist III highlights the 510-string and eGo association, the go through charging, the 1600mAh battery and the variable voltage between 3.3 to 4.8V. It has a durable simple to peruse turning dial at the base that enables you to modify your voltage between 3.3V, 3.8V, 4.3V and 4.8V the higher the voltage the more fume the battery will create. The EVOD Twist 3 is outfitted with the smart IC chip and highlights the cheat, low-voltage and short out assurances. When the battery is depleted it very well may be energized through a miniaturized scale USB or eGo-USB charger with 0.5-1.0A divider connector, the full charge may take 3-4 hours. The EVOD Twist 3 is ideal for a vape pen unit or to use eGo or 510 string cartridges.