How to clean a bong

How to clean a bong

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Why Cleaning The Bongs Is Necessary
How Often You Would Clean The Bongs?
Signs That Indicate Your Bong Needs A Clean-Up
The Best Way To Clean Your Bongs
The Steps You Need To Follow
How To Keep The Bong Clean
Summing It Up


There are many ways to consume cannabis and there are various types of accessories for that purpose. Professional cannabis lovers use a bong.

While bongs let you consume cannabis easily, it is necessary to clean them too. The bongs get stinky and dirty with regular usage, as you will find out. The resin build-up can be tough to clean.

You cannot use just any random method to clean the bongs. Using harsh chemicals is not prudent. This can leave harmful residue inside the cavity.

Why Cleaning The Bongs Is Necessary
It is not only about the dirty look. When you keep using the bongs, a layer of resin and slime is formed inside. I can guarantee that the smell you will not like. That aroma gets mixed with the flavor of cannabis you smoke.

If you do not clean the bong from time to time, the experience will not be good. Apart from that, you have to think of the risk of germ accumulation inside the bong. Would you like the idea of letting bacteria and germs inside the body by smoking cannabis?

It depends on what type of smoker you are! Those who smoke cannabis regularly should clean their bongs every 3 days. For the casual smokers, the frequency can be once a week or so.

A slimy film on the inside of the bong
Resin layer coating inside of the bong
Stinky and brownish water inside
White or black specks
The Best Way To Clean Your B
There are a few ingredients that you will need to clean up your bong well. These are:

Rubbing alcohol
A bowl of hot water
Some cotton balls
A small amount of salt
Hand towels
Small Ziploc bags
The Steps You Need To Follow

How to clean a bong
How to clean a bong

At the first step, you have to discard the dirty water accumulating in the bong.
Now, separate the stem and bowl from the body. In other words, separate any removable parts.
Then, use the hot water to rinse every part well. It will dislodge some of the resin build-ups. You may wear dish-washing gloves and use hot water.
Clean the large parts of the bong using salt and rubbing alcohol. This solution will break down the sticky resin layer. You may also use vinegar.
Shake the plastic containers in which you have kept bong parts after filling them with the solution.
Now, pour salt inside your bong. This will help loosen the dirt.
Next, pour some alcohol into the bong. Cover the holes using hand towels. Shake the bong well for some time.
At last, you have to rinse each and every part of the bong using hot water. This should be good for discarding residual resin and slime. You may utilize a bottle brush to clean the slime inside.
How To Keep The Bong Clean
The cleaning process is somewhat time costuming. Therefore, you should do better by keeping it clean. This is not tedious as such. Just clean the bong after each use with hot water. This will ensure the periodical clean-up takes less time.

For cleaning stains caused by hard water, you may make use of Lemon Juice. You may also use vinegar. Let the vinegar solution sit inside the bong for some time and then you can rinse. Clean using hot water and then let it dry completely.

Summing It Up 
Keeping your bong clean is the best thing you can do to reduce the hassles involved in periodic clean-up. There is no need to use any chemical product. You can achieve good results by using household and kitchen stuff.

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