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We have still discovered all the uses of cannabis, although every day one more power is added to this plant. Cannabis has been with us for millennia, used in religious themes, accompanying rituals, meditations, accompanied by doctors during some treatment than another with its properties. The use best known for its resistance has been in the textile industry, its resistant fibers have become ropes, t-shirts, pants, it has been used in plumbing, its fibers help limit water losses, today Teflon is used, although hemp is kept longer. Its power to generate biofuel was recently added, and its fibers have been treated to produce plastic, the seed has been discovered to have great nutritional properties, both ground and eaten or pressed to extract its oil. As if that were not enough, the leaves also have nutritional and medical properties as well, from this plant you can take advantage of everything! Buy weed online.

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Starting with its fibers, one of the most resistant known to date, the first clothing found in archaeological sites have been clothing made entirely of hemp, its fiber is very durable, and can be very rough, like the touch of strings, and it can become much softer than cotton. Apart from being softer than cotton, it is much more resistant to tearing, as if that were not enough, the work of the hemp fibers is much more ecological, this means that we will get a product free of chemical substances, unlike other fibers, such as cotton and not to mention polyester.

In this way, it will be perfect for the most sensitive skin. The uses of hemp fibers to create clothing and clothing are known, The best known is the use of them to create ropes and nets, used for fishing, hunting, and sailing, hemp fibers are also very resistant to moisture, this makes them an excellent ally of plumbers today, they are used As a food supplement for animals, in fact, it is highly appreciated by almost the entire animal kingdom.

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Cannabis can provide more things apart from its resistant and flexible fibers, it can provide us with fuel, one of the latest products that have been obtained from this complete plant. At the beginning of the century, the fuel that was most used was whale oil, and its main competitor was hemp seed oil, this seed has a superior quality to oil, and the advantage it has is that it is not as limited as the fossil fuel in question, and it doesn’t pollute as much.

Its high cellulose content not only helps the paper industry but also the biodiesel industry, through the process called “pyrolysis”, to increase the quality of the fuel that can be obtained from its fibers. Methanol, methane, and gasoline are the products that can be removed first is the fuel used by racing cars today, farmers used it at the beginning of the century until the Second World War, they reduced it with oil. Buy weed online.

Hemp seed oil biofuel is simpler to manufacture than the oil itself, with cheaper processes it converts into diesel much more easily, although its composition makes it burn like fuel used for heating, however, It is slightly heavier than this oil and contains a minimal amount of methanol, which makes it a very high-quality fuel as it provides oxygen. Its boiling and viscosity is similar to petroleum diesel, suitable for engines that use little carbon monoxide. According to Henry Ford, hemp oil is a great alternative to oil, to wood, to almost any business that was starting at that time and continues to this day.

Its seed not only provides fuel, it also provides food, its composition of 30% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 30% essential fatty acids in the right proportion, between omega 3,6 and 9, its globulin, albumin, and edestine make it a very easy to digest food. Provides vitamins A, C, D, E, B, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, which is a complete food. The oil, as well as the roasted, ground, crushed, the germinated seed is found in flour to make bread, pizza, cookies, cakes of all kinds, it is used to make ice cream, the seed can also produce milk, and its beneficial effects on food are noted in health, with its properties helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, skin conditions, and has antioxidant properties. Buy weed online.

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The cannabis seed oil has several uses, not only in food but also as fuel for lamps and to produce varnishes, in food its taste is very pleasant and very delicate, it can remind you of the delicacy of almond oil, It has a low content of saturated fat, which can become a very good alternative to butter, its use is recommended raw, although it can be used for cooking, without going over 180º, it is its flashpoint, while with high temperatures, including 60º, it would already be beginning to lose some property than another. Buy weed online.

If all this were not enough, we could still get more uses, in construction, we can also take advantage of it, with a mixture of minerals and natural hydraulic lime, the cannabis fibers become bricks, blocks of pressed fibers that bear weight better. , and yet they are much lighter than traditional building materials.

Its physiology allows it to favor cooler environments in summer and warmer ones in winter since it acts as a thermal insulator, which translates into savings in consumption of home climate control, heating, or air conditioning. It proves to be somewhat more elastic than concrete, that becomes a better material for sites with high seismic frequency, in case of collapse, it is a 100% ecological material, on top of that, as it does not have proteins inside, insects will not be interested in nesting in it, which makes it an optimal material for those who suffer from some type of allergy. The uses of cannabis are many

Almost a century ago, Henry Ford, made a car entirely of hemp, a very dangerous device, only this endangered the biggest businesses that last until today, among which oil, an element that has become almost basic in our life, as fuel, and as a fundamental material to create plastics. We know that the latter is not biological, they do not respect the environment, and they do not respect the content that will later become our food or our drink, so, for a few years now, Henry Ford’s technique to create non-plastics is being exhumed.

Cannabis-based toxic, recyclable, and 100% biodegradable. The plastic generated from cannabis is much more flexible and has a unique strengthen fact, it could be used for car accessories, seats, for crashes, all the material that we see in plastic in our car, could be made with the non-toxic plastic of cannabis.

Buy weed online
Buy weed online

This plant has thousands of reasons for being legalized, but it does not matter, after all these powers it has, if we add that it has positive effects for the environment and for us too, at the level of health and quality of life, it is always done clearer the reason why they have fought against their freedom.

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