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Ever since governments around the world started legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis, weed loving entrepreneurs all over the world have been pretty active. where to smoke weed

Today, we have a number of organizations and individuals offering a wide range of weed infused services and entertainment, including but not limited to cannabis hikes and cycling, art and painting classes, cooking demonstrations, and even wine tasting.

And you can do most, if not all of these on a cannabis tour. Today, more cities and countries than ever are offering and open to cannabis tourism, and this number is only growing.


Truth be told, cannabis tourism is just what it sounds like. It allows people who like to consume cannabis, do so while traveling, touring and exploring different parts of the world.

Why? Because, as every weed lover knows, cannabis can put a whole new light on everything, and make things so much more enjoyable, interesting and fun. And since many countries and states have legalized recreational marijuana, weed might just be the next big thing in the tourism industry. where to smoke weed

Additionally, as more and more research is done on the medicinal benefits of weed, users who do consume cannabis for it’s psychological and physical healing capabilities want to continue doing so while they are travelling.

So now that we know what cannabis tourism is and why it is so famous, let us look at 5 best places in the world for cannabis tourism.



When it comes to the top places for cannabis tourism, there is no better place like California. One of America’s most cannabis friendly cities, the whole area has a rather unique and eccentric vibe.

Bay Area holds numerous cannabis dispensaries, including Emerald Pharms, the world’s first and only solar powered cannabis dispensary, along with many other attractions for cannabis tourists. People can even go on a wine tasting tour, trying and sipping many weed infused beverages while learning about San Francisco’s wine and marijuana communities.

However, the most beautiful thing you can ever see in the Bay Area are the beautiful acres and acres of cannabis plants growing and shining under the California sun. It’s a sight to make any weed lover’s heart melt.


The birthplace of many famous strains, and, at one point in time, the only city in which you could legally walk into a coffee shop and buy overpriced strains, Amsterdam has been a hub of cannabis for a long long time.

Though now that weed has been made legal in so many places, Amsterdam has lost some of its appeal. But the city is still popular for its marijuana scene. Which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the city holds the highest number of weed lovers, and it is quite common to see long queues outside some of the cities most famous dispensaries. where to smoke weed

But what really makes Amsterdam a must visit for all aspiring Cannabis tourists is the annual High Times Cannabis Cup, one of the most popular cannabis trade shows where experts introduce, test, evaluate and award new strains.


While many European cities are popular for their acceptance and tolerance of Cannabis, none are more so than Barcelona. This spanish city is home to over 200 cannabis clubs, more than any other city in the whole of Europe, and visitors and tourists are quite welcome in all of them.

However, while the city is open to weed consumption, purchasing, using or even just possessing cannabis in a public place is a crime, and can be punished with a heavy fine. However, personal use is allowed, and cannabis clubs rely on this to legally grow and distribute weed among their members.

Other than that, the city is an extremely fine place to visit. With contemporary architecture, unique and interesting open markets, Roman art and treasures hidden away in every nook, and ofcourse the famous Camp Nou Stadium which is the home of the famous team FC Barcelona, there is just so much to do in the city. And now that cannabis consumption is allowed, you can make your visit even more special.


If you are looking for a relaxing, beautiful vacation (on which you can consume weed of course), why not consider Jamaica. The Carribean country is a prime getaway, has numerous scenic spots, long beautiful beaches, and is the birthplace of many popular strains.

It doesn’t matter if you like to spend your vacations in quiet and relaxing retrospection, or taking long meaningful walks and exploring the beaches and the jungle. OR you might just feel like letting go and going crazy at a beach party. Because this country has it all. And all of this can become even more exciting and enjoyable if you have your favorite strain with you, but you should definitely also try one of the exotic local ones.

If you do decide to go down to Jamaica for your cannabis tour, Coral Cove Cannabis Resort might just be the best place to visit. It is one of the few resorts on the island who are legally allowed to cultivate cannabis, on the basis of cultural and religious terms.

Otherwise, there still are some minor, extremely relaxed laws regarding the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, and smoking in non-licensed, public areas is strictly prohibited.


If you are a Canadian pothead who really wants to go on a cannabis tour but doesn’t have the time or money to take expensive trips abroad, why not consider your own country. After all, recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018, and now you can freely smoke your favorite strains in nearly all cities and provinces. where to smoke weed

Which is why this is a great time to plan a road trip, meet up with friends and rediscover our country’s imposing mountain ranges, arctic lands and vibrant cities. And with reliable dispensaries like ours and weed cafes opening up everyday, we guarantee that you won’t run short of weed.

So call up your best mates, and plan your cannabis tour today.

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