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10 things that are still illegal after pot legalization in Canada

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If you were planning a trip to Amsterdam in the near future, that’s so 2000-and-late. Turn instead to our neighbor to the north, Canada. Now in its second year of legal recreational cannabis, Canada’s fast becoming a destination for green-minded travelers. But given that each of the 13 provinces and territories have their own set […]

A Reflection On The Evolution Of Cannabis Legality

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If you asked me 15 years ago, “Matt, do you ever see the cannabis space going legal, or yourself working in it?” I would have responded with, “NO, not in my wildest dreams…” Today, I am a co-founder of Smoke Screen Farms and Long Cannabis Co. Smoke Screen Farms is focused on the cultivation side […]

Bill to decriminalize cannabis in U.S. comes up for vote in September

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If the House of Representative passes the MORE Act, it still faces a vote in the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate before it can become law Expect the United States House of Representatives to vote on a reform bill in September that would decriminalize cannabis. Don’t expect it to go much further than that this year, however. […]

How to Order Weed Online

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Ordering Cannabis Online is Safe & Easy with megacannabisonlinestore. We ship in vacuum-sealed, smell-proof bags delivered to you in a discreet package. We ship to most locations worldwide . All we need is your cooperation and mailing address. Orders are sent via Speed Weed/UPS. We provide tracking numbers on all orders. Shipping takes 1 – […]

NFL Explores How Marijuana And CBD Can Be Used As Opioid Alternatives For Players

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The National Football League and NFL Players Association are launching an effort to learn about the potential of marijuana and its components like CBD as alternative treatment options for pain. They’re also more generally interested in discovering how cannabis use affects athletic performance. A request for information that was published on Tuesday states that the […]

New Jersey Attorney General Orders Marijuana Cases To Be Dropped Following Legalization Bill Signing

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The day after New Jersey’s governor signed bills to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, the state’s attorney general directed prosecutors to drop cases for cannabis-related offenses and issued separate guidance for police on how to proceed under the updated laws. Prosecutors should stop pursuing cases for certain marijuana conduct that took place prior to the signing […]