Which European Country Will Be The First To Legalise Recreational Cannabis

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The CBD boom that has seen Switzerland become the CBD capital of Europe over the last year has now reached Austria, where next week the country’s very first CBD coffee shop will be opening.

Located in Graz, a medieval town in southern Austria, “Die Graslerei” is the brainchild of four young locals you have a passion for hemp. Following in the footsteps of neighbouring Switzerland – where there has been a huge surge in popularity of CBD-rich cannabis (or hemp as is called due to its low levels of psychoactive THC) – the coffee shop’s founders are hoping to capitalize on Europe’s burgeoning green-rush.

The coffee shop will sell cannabis flowers and hash that are 100% legal because all they contain less than 0.3% THC (the legal limit in Austria) and are from strains of so-called industrial hemp that are on an EU-approved list, making them completely legal to grow in the EU. Customers will be able to smoke their CBD hemp buds in the cafe while enjoying premium roasted coffee.

While it won’t get you ‘high’, the cannabis sold in the Graz coffee shop contains high levels of the active substance cannabidiol (CBD). Considered to be non-psychoactive, CBD has been shown to be anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and anti-nausea.

Along with flowers, hash and other CBD-rich products, Die Graslerie will serve coffee, cakes and traditional cafe snacks. The Amsterdam-inspired CBD coffee shop follows similar openings in Switzerland, where less stringent rules allow for cannabis with up to 1% to be sold of any variety – not just EU-certified strains. The Swiss, therefore, are the leaders in this emerging CBD cannabis industry, with genetics that offer up to 25% CBD.

A number of other CBD shops have popped up in Austria’s biggest cities over the last year, with CBD-rich flowers selling very well to a population that has a long-running history with the cannabis plant. The CBD flowers in Austria can reach around 15% in CBD levels. This is due to the requirement of products to be from EU-certified hemp varieties, which are not typically very cannabinoid-rich.

Growers in the country are producing dense and aromatic flowers, however, almost indistinguishable from THC-rich cannabis, through expert cultivation methods usually used in the growing of illegal cannabis. With both indoor and outdoor strains available, the methods and techniques used for cultivation – as well as selectively-bred genetics – means the hemp coming out of Europe over the coming months and years is sure to improve somewhat.

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, CBD-rich cannabis flowers and hash with low or nonexistent levels of THC will be prevalent throughout the EU. Maybe then the stigma surrounding cannabis and those who use it will crumble and people will see that there is much more to cannabis than getting ‘high’.

We at High & Polite believe that legal hemp buds are a great way for people to get their cannabinoids, which is w Canada has recently become the first country in the modern world to legalise and regulate cannabis for adult use.

And they won’t be the last.

The majority of states in America already have some form of legal cannabis, as do a number of European countries, including the UK from November 1st.

Not that many have legalised the recreational use of cannabis, however.

Despite its slow start, many experts believe recreational cannabis will inevitably be legalised in most western countries, whether it’s in five years or 25.

Some optimists, however, are even betting on legal recreational weed in Europe within the next five years.

And we’re one of them. So here’s 5 countries we believe could become the first to legalise the recreational use of cannabis…

1. Spain


Spain already has a thriving quasi-legal cannabis club scene. Inhabitants can even grow plants at home for personal consumption provided they can’t be seen from outside. The Spanish political party Unidos Podemos has even prepared a law to regulate cannabis in Spain by 2019, should they come to power.

2. Portugal


Spain’s southernly neighbours Portugal already have a lenient approach to drugs. The country broke the global trend by decriminalising personal quantities of all drugs back in 2001. It has been a huge success, cutting the country’s population of heroin addicts.


Portugal, which legalised medical cannabis this summer, would be an ideal place to grow cannabis. Thanks to its subtropical climate, mild winters and abundance of sunshine year-round, Portugal could become the California of Europe.

3. Switzerland

mail order weed in europe
mail order weed in europe

The Swiss have a long history with cannabis. It has been quite widely grown and smoked in the country for some decades and was even available to buy in hemp shops around the country.


Today, up to 10 grams has been decriminalised, CBD-rich cannabis with less than 1% THC is legal and very popular, and repeated plans for pilot cannabis club projects have gained traction in the courts.

4. UK

mail order weed in europe
mail order weed in europe

Really? The UK? Stranger things have happened.


It was no less than three months ago that medical cannabis seemed years away. Now we’re days away from it being a reality. Things can move fast in the world of politics. And the potential profits from legal cannabis, which will be hard to ignore in the coming months, may help the cause.

5. Germany

mail order weed in europe
mail order weed in europe

Germany has one of the continent’s most established medical cannabis programs. They also have plans to increase domestic cultivation in 2019 in order to meet rapidly growing demand.


Germany’s also a forward-thinking country with a very liberal capital in Berlin.hy we have worked hard to bring the highest quality hemp flowers to UK market.

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